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Celebrate Your Noor

Muslim women around the world are celebrating their Noor in their own unique ways. We can all be inspired by their stories of grace, inner strength and Good Virtues.

You can inspire others around you by sharing a story of yourself or someone you know.

We are constantly on the lookout to feature inspiring women and we would love to share your story.

Embracing Beauty In Diversity

Ayeshah Mirzha, 22, Communication Studies Undergraduate, volunteer mentor, Singapore

As a child growing up in Singapore, Ayeshah felt different knowing she was of South Indian origin and although a Muslim, didn’t quite fit in or appear like the local Muslim Singaporeans.

At times, the challenges of “fitting in” with her peers were very difficult and emotional for her.

However, it’s obvious that she also has an inner strength of character and today, the sassy and self-assured 22 year old stands firm about her own identity and sense of self.

The message of being true to oneself and celebrating diversity is one she is determined to spread to others, starting with voluntary work she does with youth at APEX Mentors in Singapore.

Beyond mentoring 12-year olds for the upcoming Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), Ayeshah encourages youth to embrace their own identity, broaden their horizons and learn more about different cultures.     

“Children of this age are exposed to a certain idea of what a society is like, but they’re still open to learning and trying to understand different people. If you explain the different cultures and practices clearly, they become more receptive and understanding. The culture of acceptance is one worth forging – accepting who they are, and accepting others around them who may seem different at first,” she shares in earnest.

And she’s not stopping there.

The media and communications undergraduate understand plans on putting her skills and knowledge to good use to spread her message of self-worth and embracing diversity. She recently completed a documentary on the lives of foreign workers in Singapore and saw how it made her audience more appreciative of these unsung heroes. 

“My ultimate goal is to change the life of others through my everyday actions and interactions because, to me, Celebrating Your Noor is to encourage others to Celebrate their Noor, too. It’s so simple and so very wonderful, don’t you think?” she says with a smile.