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Celebrate Your Noor

Muslim women around the world are celebrating their Noor in their own unique ways. We can all be inspired by their stories of grace, inner strength and Good Virtues.

You can inspire others around you by sharing a story of yourself or someone you know.

We are constantly on the lookout to feature inspiring women and we would love to share your story.

In The Business Of Bettering Lives

Sri Gusni Febriasari, 27, Entrepreneur, volunteer teacher, Indonesia

At the age of 25, she dug her heel in and made a choice. It was a decision that was initially met with disapproval from her parents who only wanted the best for their daughter.

Why, they wondered, would Sri Gusni want to leave the security of a stable career so she could venture out on her own as an entrepreneur…especially during an economic downturn?

But Sri Gusni stuck to her ideals – she wanted to do more and in the process, improve lives.

While her job with The Scouts Association opened her eyes to the difficulties facing the community such as the lack of access to education and employment, she knew in her heart that she could do more to make a real difference in the lives of others.

So she sat down and outlined the different ways she could do this, landing on two priorities her life would now take, one being her business and two, being a volunteer teacher to the less fortunate on Sundays.

 “Starting my own business meant that I could create jobs... And I also wanted to dedicate more time to teaching children at Terminal Hujan. “Dream, Do and Share” are words I live by,” she shared in earnest.

Sri Gusni, together with her friends, are now proud owners of a successful two-year old business – MIX Diner and Florist, a hipster hotspot for food and flower shopping in the bustling city of Jakarta. They have more than 15 employees aged between 20 and 27 years, keen to be part of a growing company. They now have plans to establish another diner in West Java in August this year.

Amidst her busy schedule as business owner and entrepreneur, Sri Gusni remains committed to spending her Sundays volunteering her time to teach less fortunate children. This means commuting two hours to and from Bogor from her home in Jakarta, and each session never fails to inspire her to do more.

Passionate about people and places, Sri also makes time to travel.

“People are unique, and it’s always fun and enlightening to meet various kinds of people. It gives me a fresh perspective and helps me build my character,” Sri shared enthusiastically.

We end the interview with a final question, “What is your advice to other young, go-getting Muslim women out there to Celebrate their Noor?”

“Keep going until you find the light because when you stop, that’s when the story ends. And your story should never end,” she said with a smile.