Confident Muslim woman smiling
Confident Muslim woman smiling

Our Tagline

Celebrate Your Noor

We believe there is more to beauty that what the world sees on the outside. When you do good by your body, the joy, confidence and beauty will show. Good Virtues Co. wants you to be and feel beautiful without compromising your values.


We do this by placing a strong focus on the integrity and purity of our ingredients. We are committed to creating Halal products with high standards of quality and safety for you, and we only use ingredients that are safe and respectful to the environment.


This means that all our products are also free from Mineral Oil, SLES, ALES, Parabens, synthetic colourants. We only used 100% non-animal derived ingredients in our products.


In championing the goodness of our products and treating our planet and its people with dignity, we celebrate the inner strength. Good Virtues and grace that reveal your Noor. For that is beauty truly worth celebrating.

Our Manifesto

We believe in good.
(It is in our name after all). Add a whole lot of purity, sincerity,
kindness, trustworthiness and humanity, too.
To bring a little bit of peace, love, and joy to your everyday.
By cleansing not only the body but also, by providing healing
for the human spirit.
By using Halal-certified ingredients that are safe, gentle and
respectful to all.
By treating the planet and its people with dignity.
By spreading good virtues through our actions.
In doing good, we believe that good is returned.


We are the Good Virtues Co.

Our Key Ingredient

Organic Habbatus
Sauda Oil
(Organic Black Seed Oil)

Good Virtues Co. has a complete range of personal care products infused with the purifying goodness
of Organic Black Seed Oil to nourish your face,
hair, and body.


Also known as Habbatus Sauda, this key active ingredient is recognised for its richness of natural nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants.